What's Mugen?

Mugen is a 2D game engine: it allows you to create the game of your choice.

Nowadays, Mugen is used as a fighting game engine by the large majority of its users. You can find hundreds of Mugen-related sites in the famous Oolongv's bookmark (best Mugen bookmark, yet no longer updated unfortunately): 99% of them are devoted to fighting games and less than 1% to RPGs.

The Mugen community gathers thousands of users around the world: but most notably in the European, American, Japanese, Chinese and Brazilian corners of the world..

Why the interest of Mugen?

Mugen -under its current use- allows users to create their own dreammatches: SNES chars vs Sega ones vs Capcom ones vs SNK ones vs Sammy ones vs original ones... Any kind of battle is possible with the right effort: just your imagination. You can (re)create exactly what you want because the Mugen engine is highly customisable: all you need is time and patience. Furthermore, Mugen is very easy to use and has a low learning curve: patience is the key.

The engine has seen incredible success, and the numerous amount of users after all these years (the first version of Mugen was released in 1999).

Feel free to join our community of fighting game lovers to share our dream.